Verse for Vinnies – Sun 28 April at 1.30pm

JOIN US AT this special VERSE FOR VINNIES event.

There’s a bush poets’ show, where you really should go at St Williams on Dawson Parade. Verse for Vinnies’ the gig, it will be really big. As the funds go to those needing aid. Robyn Sykes is the star and she’s come from afar Binalong down the New South Wales’ way. She’s a poet renown, and can be quite a clown at the end you will wish she could stay. She’s among Aussie Champs, done the Festival Camps and performs with the top echelon. There’ll be humour galore, for what she’s got in store will resemble a huge laugh-a-thon. And it’s Robyn’s first time, for this lady in rhyme, to perform at this top Vinnies’ gig. So we’d love you to come, to this Sunday of fun and make Robyn’s first crowd really big. And you really must see, the great afternoon tea as there’s some who will come for this treat. And the fifteen bucks fee, goes to Vinnies you see for those battlers with life on the street.

Sunday April 28 at 1.30pm
67 Dawson Parade, Grovely