Verse for Vinnies – Sun 6 Oct at 1.30pm

St Mary MacKillop Centre
67 Dawson Parade, Grovely

JOIN US AT this special VERSE FOR VINNIES event.

It’s Jack Drake who’ll you’ll see If you come to Grovely
For the next Verse for Vinnies’ expo.
And while Stanthorpe’s his home
Jack will constantly roam
To where only the best poets go.

Some who saw Jack before,
All they wanted was more,
Like his Cattle Dog’s timely revenge
On that Rottweiler mutt,
Who was untimely cut
When Jack’s Woody dished out his revenge.

Jack’s a dinki-di bloke,
Loves a rum and a coke.
Writes of people and times that endears.
So please come to the show,
Where this Bush Poet Pro,

Entertains you with laughter and tears.
And the fifteen bucks fee,
Goes to Vinnies you see,
So you’re helping the battlers again.
Here’s your chance to support
Those who have next to naught.
And who knows?
You might even bring rain!

Noel Stallard, Convenor & Host with the Most