Verse for Vinnies – Rupert McCall

On November two-four we have Rupert McCall who’s a bloke that you folk love to hear.

For when Rupert recites he inspires and excites, for his words bring a laugh or a tear.

And it’s not just in Aus ’cause in ’05 it was at Gallipoli’s Dawn Service scene, that our Rupert was proud when he gave to that crowd, his own verse of how war then had been.

So this concert’s a show where you really should go, as not everyday we get to see, a performer renown with an OAM crown he received in the year of one-three.

Rup’s a dinky-di bloke who’ll relate with you folk, so please come and be part of the fun, and the fifteen buck fee goes to battlers you see, so you’re helping those folk who have none.

1:30pm – 67 Dawson Parade Grovely – November 24