Verse for Vinnes

Sunday 30 June at 1.30pm – 67 Dawson Parade, Grovely

Did you know there’s a show where you really should go, ’cause you’ll laugh like you never have done?

Billy Kearns is the star and you’ll get “Ha-ha-ha” as his poems are chock-full of fun. Bill’s a New South Wales bloke, he’s the master of joke, and these range from absurd to profound.

And the poems he’ll write, other poets delight to use these when the comps come around.

And those poets who’ve won, would admit it was done, With the verses that Bill had unfurled.

So please come and you’ll hear, why the verse from this seer is renown in the Bush Poet world.

But you have to be there, at this poet’s affair and hear audience cheering so loud. And June thirty’s the date, mark it down, don’t be late so you’re part of Bills’ memorable crowd.

And the fifteen bucks fee, goes to Vinnies you see so you’re helping those people in strife.

So now please come along, join the Bush Poets’ throng and assist those who struggle with life.

Contact: Parish Office – 3355 2667