Adult Faith Education

Adult Faith Education

Adult Faith Education

Adult Faith Education (AFE)

In the Archdiocese of Brisbane, Adult Faith Education aims to enable people to grow as disciples of Jesus carrying out his mission in today’s world and serving the people of God.

The phrase ‘educating in faith’ refers to a variety of educational and faith sharing activities for different groups of people in a variety of contexts. It is responsive to the age, maturity, life-context and life questions of people throughout life.

Depending on context, education in faith may have as its priority such elements as theological knowledge, faith sharing, religious literacy, reflection on the scriptures and life, Christian action or some combination of these. Education in faith draws on the wisdom of the Catholic tradition while being open to a wider ecumenical and multi-faith world.

Adult faith education calls learners to a closer relationship with God and to fullness of life. It is reinforced and supported when learners are nurtured within a community of believers.

Adult faith education opportunities may be accessed by contacting The Adult Faith Education Team care of the Parish Office.

The Grovely Adult Faith Education team (AFE) commenced in 2004 after a task group was set up by Fr. Frank Lourigan (parish priest) to research a model of AFE which, with support, would be sustainable over time.

The task group of six or so parishioners met for 6 months to research the nature of AFE, possible methods of delivery, the various target groups and potential types of events. The group then presented a report to the Parish Council, which was accepted and so the team began in September of 2004.

Pat Condon is the Chair and the other members are Fr. Frank Lourigan, Rosaleen Prouse, Sue O’Brien and John Delaney. The group meets on the evening of the second Thursday of the month, except for January and December.

Our objective goes beyond assisting parishioners just to acquire knowledge of the Faith. This is important of course, however we seek to provide events which help people take their Faith to a more mature level and in doing so to move from the mind, to the heart, and thence to a deeper relationship with God.

We provide a wide selection of events in an effort to cater for all groups of adult parishioners – the younger group 21 to 40, the middle aged group 40 to 60 and the older group 60 and above. At this point we have few of the younger group attending, while the majority could be said to be roughly 50 and above. This situation presents a challenge for the AFE team.

The types of events we present are:

– Guest speakers on a variety of themes – Faith and Grace, Prayer, Scripture, Palliative care, aging within a Christian context, Church History, Q and A sessions, DVDs, Ecumenism etc.
– Scripture courses
– These days we tend to seek out well known speakers within the Archdiocese rather than to run DVD nights or longer Scripture courses.

We use the far column of page 3 of the Parish weekly newsletter to promote our activities. In addition we place notices in the newsletters of the Deanery Parishes and The Gap. For major speakers we also place an insert in the “Happenings” section of the Catholic Leader.

We are moving towards setting up a small library which would be available for parishioners to borrow.

AFE Website –
AFE Contact – Pat Condon – Ph: 07 3351 1163