Catholic Leader Digital Newspaper FREE


In these unprecedented times, The Catholic Leader has decided to share our news for free.

With the recent announcement to suspend all Sunday and Saturday vigil Masses until further notice, you, our readers, will be unable to buy The Catholic Leader at parishes on weekends. So, we are making our digital newspaper free at our website,

TO ACCESS, visit and click on the following:

This digital newspaper will be free for readers to access until parishes reopen across the Brisbane archdiocese. It is our commitment to ensure that everybody has access to stories of connection, inspiration, and faith.

We will also have up-to-date daily news published on our website and shared to our social media channels, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

We will strive to maintain our reputation as a truthful, Catholic news service for leaders locally, across the province and beyond.

Thank you for helping us to share the Good News and we pray that all Catholics who feel disconnected will find hope, purpose, and renewed faith from our content.


Matt Emerick
Managing editor of The Catholic Leader