Sacramental Program News

Thank you to all our families who have sent in their First Communion Celebration Forms.

Reminder to our Sacramental Program Families who have not yet put their forms in to please put them in now.

The 9:30am mass on the 1st Sunday of the celebration, May 17 is now full and closed. The 5:30pm mass is likewise full.

Please understand that I have tried to accommodate all your requests. Unfortunately, a few won’t get their first choice. Please understand that every effort was taken to give you the second choice. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

This weekend we will be working carefully on allocating you into your groups. We would also like to remind some Grovely families that they are most welcome to the Sacred Heart Samford First Communion masses.

Please don’t forget to do some of the activities in the book when you have the time. Thank you. With peace and blessings, Marie-Louise F. Singson Sacramental Coordinator. P: 3355 2667 ext 3 – E: