Sacramental Program News

Confirmation Enrolment and Workshop dates:

8 September at 9:30am in the Daley Centre, Grovely

8 September at 6.00pm at Our Lady of Dolours, Mitchelton

8, 9 and 10 September at 7:15pm in the Daley Centre, Grovely

NB: Please bring your child’s birth and baptismal certificates and $60 for resource fees.

First Communion Thank You

Just one more note to finish off our first Communion Program which waited so long for it to happen!

Thank you to all our sacramental parents and families and parishioners who supported our children who celebrated their First Communion recently.

To Fr. Nigel, Fr. Huong and Deacon Peter who celebrated our masses and spoke to the children about how special they are being able to celebrate their First Communion during Covid times, my deepest appreciation. Thank you to all our Piety stall ladies who opened the shop to our parents during our 7 workshop sessions.

To our organists, choristers and altar servers, marshalls, mass leaders and cleaners a big thank you. To our Sacramental team, Annette Tidbury, Carmen Cichowski, Lynn Vickers and Michele Endicott a huge thank you because without the help that they extend, we would not have an effective program. I also would like to thank our office ladies Katrina Kiernan, Megan Carroll and Sandra Henry for making the job of seating and colour coding so much easier!!

And one more important person to thank is the indomitable Jan Whiteway
whose help in our workshops, giving life to our liturgy and celebration, her
wisdom, creativity and spirit has inspired us all even more to give more than a 100%!! Thank you so much!!

Marie-Louise F. Singson Sacramental Coordinator.
P: 3355 2667 ext 3 – E: