Adult Faith Education at St William’s

The Adult Faith Education Group at St William’s Church, Grovely exists to provide opportunities in the parish for Faith ‘nourishment’.

In the Archdiocese of Brisbane, Adult Faith Education aims to enable people to grow as disciples of Jesus carrying out his mission in today’s world and serving the people of God.

The phrase ‘educating in faith’ refers to a variety of educational and faith sharing activities for different groups of people in a variety of contexts. It is responsive to the age, maturity, life-context and life questions of people throughout life.

Depending on context, education in faith may have as its priority such elements as theological knowledge, faith sharing, religious literacy, reflection on the scriptures and life, Christian action or some combination of these. Education in faith draws on the wisdom of the Catholic tradition while being open to a wider ecumenical and multi-faith world.

Adult faith education calls learners to a closer relationship with God and to fullness of life. It is reinforced and supported when learners are nurtured within a community of believers.

Adult Faith Education contact:  Mr Pat Condon (07) 3351 1163 –

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