Parish Council

The Parish Pastoral Council (PPC) consists of our parish priest and a group of parishioners selected by our parish community.
We share the responsibility of building a vital Christian community focused on living and promoting God’s values of love, justice and peace.

St William’s Parish Council | Our Lady of Dolours Parish Council

The Council seeks to enrich the quality of parish life and ensure parishioners have available to them all they need to grow in holiness and to discover and live out their personal and community call to mission.


  • enrich parish life;
  • provide opportunities for parishioners to grow in holiness, to discover and live out their personal and community call to mission to live as Catholics who effectively transform society;
  • grow in knowledge and awareness of what is already happening in our parish;
  • encourage and support the good work of existing groups within our parish;
  • seek out and respond to the hopes, ideas, needs, and concerns of parishioners;
  • evaluate carefully information gathered to make decisions that reflect the values of the gospel and teachings of the church;
  • set long and short term pastoral goals for our Parish;
  • provide opportunities for parishioners to grow in their relationship with God and each other; and
  • develop, implement and improve parish initiatives that assist parishioners in their continuing efforts to live as effective Christians.

The Council consists of up to fifteen members, and the period of office is for a maximum of three years. Vacancies are filled by nomination, arrangements for which are published in the Parish Newsletter.


Parish Office

Current Activities

  • Timor Leste Sister Parish
  • Welcome and Inclusion
  • Western Hills Youth

The Council meets once per month to discuss a set agenda, which is open to submissions from both Council and parish members. Meeting dates and times are available from the parish office.